Jalapeno – 12 oz


  • Medium heat jalapeno pepper jelly
  • Jalapenos with red and green bell peppers
  • Made fat-free with less calories than other condiments
  • Create sweet and spicy meals with ease
  • Total net weight: 12 ounces

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Quinn’s Jalapeno Pepper Jelly gives a traditional taste of jalapeno, mixed with green and red bell peppers. This classic jar has medium heat and pairs especially well with cream cheese and crackers. For those fond of southwest salsa, this pepper jelly provides a sweet jalapeno kick to a variety of foods.

A great way to enjoy this pepper jelly is to spice up meats. Glaze fish, poultry, and ham to add complex, gourmet flavor to evening dinners. Alternatively, pair with breakfast foods like toast or bagels for a spicy addition. Use this pepper jelly in place of mustard on sandwiches and enjoy a satisfying zing in every bite.

Jalapeno pepper jelly can turn ordinary foods into gourmet meals. This spread is made fat-free and lower in calories than other similar toppings. Pepper jelly preserves keep well, with a shelf life of 18 months, this pepper jelly can be enjoyed year-round.

This vibrant pepper jelly comes in a convenient wide-mouth 12-ounce jar. This jar looks great on a kitchen counter and can serve as a thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys the spicy flavor of jalapenos.