Southwest Style Made with Northwest Ingredients

Betty Quinn Moeur moved to Central Washington from Arizona in 1968. Over the years, Betty and her family had a difficult time satisfying their appetite for southwest-style cuisine. Left with no better options, Betty created and prepared special homemade salsas and sauces using fresh local produce from the Pacific Northwest.

She began to share her creations, and soon, her fame as a Southwestern specialty chef spread throughout the area. In 1987, encouraged by family and friends, Betty and her sister, Susie Quinn Cochran, formed Quinn’s, Inc. named after their shared middle name.

Today, Quinn’s offers vibrant pepper jellies that thousands have enjoyed throughout the decades. These all-natural pepper jellies are made from local produce and premium ingredients for the best taste possible. Flavors such as Jalapeno, Peach Habanero, Raspberry, Marionberry, and Cilantro Lime all make a colorful diversity of flavors.